The Beginners Guide to Sanity

By Erica Crompton and Professor Stephen Lawrie

Erica Crompton is making her debut as a book writer in the beginning of 2020. Her debut book is called ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Sanity, a self-help book for people with psychosis’. It is written together with Professor of Psychiatry Stephen Lawrie. They have come together to write a practical and positive guide consisting of tools for recovery with the purpose of helping people with psychosis, or at risk of developing psychosis, and their family and friends to lead a happier, more rewarding life.

The book is written in the style of a travel guide providing different lifestyle and well-being advice that can improve outcomes as well as guidance on conventional treatments. Each approach is given a ‘sanity check’ regarding its reliability.

As a former psychosis/schizophrenia patient and writer, Erica makes a great couple with Professor Stephen Lawrie. Psychosis is one of the most feared symptoms of mental health disorders, other than suide, as it can be extremely dangerous to the sufferers and occasionally others to lose touch with reality. It is associated with schizophrenia and manic episodes of bipolar disorder, emotional trauma, substance abuse and extreme stress. The book addresses different perspectives on living with a mental illness.

‘The Beginner’s Guide to Sanity, a self-help book for people with psychosis’ is out in January 2020 on Hammersmith Health Books.

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