I have schizophrenia: here are 10 things I can’t live without

Metro UK June 2017

Why wasn’t I arrested for my crimes?

Chat it's fate June 2017

HEAD SPACE: secretly recording conversations & believing she would see God, one writer reveals what it was like to be in the grip of psychosis at age 22

Fabulous Magazine April 2017

How blogging can help improve your mental health & your bank balance

Metro UK March 2017

5 unusual ways to improve your mental health

Metro UK March 2017

It’s time to get creative and make a film about mental health

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It’s Fandabby – tackling mental health through colourful T-shirts

Positively Scottish February 2017

How my working class background has held me back more than my mental health issues

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Why schizophrenia need not rob us of a life in academia

The Guardian February 2017

To the batcave

The Lancet Psychiatry December 2016

Football therapy

The Lancet Psychiatry December 2016

MRI scans may give early Alzheimer’s alert

The Mail August 2016

14 of the best mindfulness retreats

Metro UK August 2016

14 things you only know if your parents split up

Metro UK August 2016

Ray of Light

The Lancet Psychiatry July 2016

Occupational therapy on a forensic ward

The Lancet Psychiatry January 2016

Learned Recovery

The Lancet Psychiatry December 2015

First aiders for the mind help beat a mental health crisis

The Mail November 2015

14 things not to say to someone with schizophrenia

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15 things to know before dating someone with schizophrenia

Metro UK October 2015

12 things you only know if you have schizophrenia

Metro UK October 2015

Hands on Healing

Psychologies September 2015

Facing the Axe: The Recovery Colleges That Prevent Mental Health Crisis

Mail on Sunday

Mental illness doesn't have to be a life sentence

Healthy Magazine

Sure of you

The Lancet Psychiatry

Light on the Darkness

Times Higher Education Supplement

Yes, You Can Always be Happy!

Mail on Sunday

I’m Mad, Not Bad

The Independent

Compassion Focused Therapy Teach Sufferers to be Kind to Themselves

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Am I Crazy to want a Baby when I’m Schizophrenic?

The Mail on Sunday

Academics Fall Short on Mental Health

The Mail on Sunday

Extravaganza with no sparkle

The Open Mind

Once dismissed as pretentious but now brain scans prove Eastern philosophies can treat mental illness

Mail on Sunday

Single Female Writer, 31, GSOH, Schizophrenic, WLTM Similar

Mail on Sunday

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