Erica Crompton

Erica Crompton is a mental health keynote speaker, activist, freelance journalist and author sharing her unique personal story of living with psychosis and schizophrenia.

Mental Health in the media

The stereotypes the media portrays of people living with psychosis affected Erica when she was diagnosed with psychosis. In this keynote, Erica tells about her work with remedying some of these bleak stereotypes of people diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Living with a severe mental illness with CFT

– a new form of therapy, which teaches people to be kind to themselves

In this keynote, Erica passes on important life lessons she has learned in her therapy to benefit others. She believes that if she can live a happy life, so too can others.

Life after suicide/suicide prevention

Erica shares the story of how she found strength after her suicide attempt in 2009. Learn how other people can help someone in trouble under similar circumstances.

About Erica

Erica Crompton has a degree in journalism and is currently working as a freelance journalist. She is trying to remedy some of the bleak stereotypes of people with severe mental illnesses portrayed in the media. Erica has a long history of paranoid schizophrenia and a current diagnosis of schizoaffective. Additionally, she has experienced psychosis and survived a suicide attempt in 2009. While experiencing psychosis, she has held positions at among others The Daily Telegraph and the Mail Online. She has also worked as a freelance journalist for The New York Times and The Independent. Today, she inspires audiences with her captivating story of illness. In her spare time, Erica is running Medfed, a brand for people with severe mental illnesses that promotes mental well-being.

The Beginners Guide to Sanity

By Erica Crompton and Professor Stephen Lawrie

Loved hearing @EricaCrompton at @TimetoChange yesterday. I cannot stress strongly enough how much it really is time to change our attitudes around mental health...

Anjali Singh-Mitter, Hypnotherapist, Self-employed

You need to hear Erica speak and read her work!

Dr Akeem Sule and Dr Becky Inkster, Founders of Hip Hop Psych, NHS

It was our pleasure to host Erica for a talk and the feedback I was hearing after the event was how inspiring she is

Dr Moira Ledger, Psychiatrist, Southern Health NHS Trust

I was at the Off the Record training today and just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Hearing you speak today was really helpful. You’re an amazing person. Thanks so much.

Charlotte Pain, Service user, Independent blogger

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